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Abortion: A Political Partisan Problem?

We live in a time of intense partisan divisions coupled with a penchant for virtue-signaling. Every decision has become a statement of loyalty to one party or idea. Unfortunately, this reality has affected life issues as well. Some well-meaning clergy avoid taking a firm stand on abortion lest they be associated with one political party. […]


‘Faith connects us with brothers and sisters worldwide’

Uganda Christian University team at the Africa Regional Conference of the World Congress of Families, November 2019, in Accra, Ghana. Jack and Linda Klenk with Michael Clement (Africa Policy Centre), Richard Sebaggala (School of Research and Post-Graduate Studies), Rev. Jasper Tumuhimbise (UCU-Church of Uganda Relations), Betty Enyipu (Social Sciences), and Peter Ubomba-Jaswa (School of Research […]


Day 30: Open Doors

Photo by Darrell Chaddock on Unsplash We continue to pray for more open doors for the Gospel! We pray that more and more workers from every area of the world would answer your call to go to those who have not yet heard. During the past thirty years, there have been more movements to Christ […]