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We Love Kids: A Brief Introduction

This blog is posted with permission. You can learn more at, or contact Joni Flye here. What is We Love Kids? We Love Kids began in 2003, as I (Joni Flye) and those working alongside me saw the unmet needs of the children being reached with the gospel message in Vietnam and Cambodia. We […]


UCU Arua campus holds inaugural public lecture on peace

The Rt. Rev. Prof. Alfred Olwa, the chairperson of Uganda Christian University (UCU) Council was the keynote speaker at the public lecture at UCU-Arua Campus. The lecture, titled “Peace and reconciliation: Paving the way for harmony and prosperity through Biblical insights,” was held in remembrance of the massacre in Ringili village in Arua. By Irene […]


The Power and Purpose of Christian Prayer

by Heather Okuda At the core of every Christian journey lies a deep and personal element: prayer. It’s a practice as old as the faith itself, a direct line to the triune God that empowers, comforts, and guides us as believers. But what exactly is Christian prayer, and why does it hold such a significant […]