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Software engineer’s journey in juggling work, obtaining Masters

Kenneth Musasizi, a software engineer at Uganda Christian University (UCU) upon graduation with a Master of Information Technology in July, is a UCU lecturer. By Irene Best Nyapendi Kenneth Kabinga Musasizi, a lecturer and software engineer at Uganda Christian University (UCU), chose to get a masters degree to expand his proficiency in software engineering and […]


Navigating medicine journey with purpose and resilience

New School of Medicine graduate, Candia Godwin Ivan, in operating room By Jimmy Siyasa In the bustling streets of the Kyebando suburb of Kampala, and under the nurturing gaze of his parents, Mr. Deruku Luiji and Mrs. Asumpta Peace, Candia Godwin Ivan’s journey into the world of medicine began.  Born in Arua, Uganda, Candia’s early […]


My 9-year-old is turning 6!

2015 – My parents, Peggy Noll, and the Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll, retired Vice Chancellor of UCU; and my three children wearing their Global 5K shirts. By Abby Bartels Since the Global5K (blame it on Covid) hasn’t been an annual event (having been held 6 times in the last 9 years), here is my brief […]