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Anglican Global Mission Partners Unites the needs in the mission field with people
in the pews who are called to serve.

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News From Partners:

Francis Okumu: UCU graduate who never saw the campus

Francis Okumu (second right) and fiancée pose with friends. Story and Photos by Jimmy Siyasa Francis Okumu could be a modern-day Mordecai, a biblical exile who saw God’s hand draw him from a pit of peril and hopelessness.  For Okumu, age 36, his challenge and lack of hope were two-fold:  visual impairment and lack of […]


Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology wins grants worth over $57,000

By Dalton Mujuni When people have faith, God makes a way where there seems to be no way. That is what He has done for the Bishop Tucker School of Theology and Divinity at Uganda Christian University (UCU) during the ever-present Covid-19 period. The Dean of Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology, Rev. Prof. […]


‘Mummy, I have told you, I want to pray alone.’

House of Rest existed as a church for over a decade on the top floor of the famous Fido Dido building on Kampala Road. Photo by Jimmy Siyasa By Jimmy Siyasa and Joseph Lagen On July 2, 2021, and during Uganda Christian University’s (UCU) 22nd graduation, Lorita Blessy Asiimwe will receive a Faculty of Business […]


Promise kept

Feliz Dia de la Resurrección!   Happy Day of the Resurrection! This is the day every Christian hopes for, waits for, expects to happen.  It is what gets us through Holy Week, especially Good Friday.  All through the Bible, a promise is made: Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, […]


‘This was not the Jesus I knew’

Site of evangelism experience in day light When Penelope Nankunda joined UCU in 2017, she attended an overnight prayer service at a hill about a kilometer (0.6 mile) away from the Mukono Campus. Penelope, ending her three-year program in 2021, shares this account to warn first-year students about religious activities outside UCU. By Penelope Nankunda […]


‘This Ph.D. is not mine…This was purely God’s grace.’

Dr. Isaac Wasswa Katono, left, and son, Jim Katono, at one of their projects. By Jimmy Siyasa  With a new doctorate degree under his belt, Dr. Isaac Wasswa Katono is eager to live his wish of being among the most cited scholars from Uganda Christian University (UCU). In December 2020, the former dean of the […]


Covid-19: UCU revises graduation program for 2021

Graduates celebrate after graduation ceremony at Bishop Barham College in Kabale on October 11, 2019. By Ivan Tsebeni Uganda Christian University (UCU) has announced that this year’s graduation ceremonies will be held in July and October – a departure from the usual March, July and October ceremonies. Another change in the ceremonies will be their […]


UCU Law Student beats decades-older candidates in election

Wabuyele with her declaration forms after being declared winner. Photo by Lule Eriah. By Lule Eriah Before January 2021, the closest Mary Immaculate Wabuyele had been to politics was campaigning for other candidates.  In 2018, she was the campaign manager of Joshua Wanambwa, who was contesting for the position of Uganda Christian University (UCU) guild […]


Missionaries in Honduras create job opportunities for struggling parents

You’re a parent of two children in Honduras, struggling to provide for your family in a violent and poverty-stricken neighborhood. The loving education your kids receive at the local Christian school is a rare blessing. The school charges a small tuition fee, but it is a manageable cost. Then you hear news of a deadly […]


Hostel owners hike fees as UCU students return for physical classes

One of the plush hostels that accommodate UCU students By Simon Omit and Yasir J. Kasango The excitement was palpable on February 4, 2021, when Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni gave the okay for the physical return to school of learners, starting March 1.  The permission for the return to school, which is expected to be […]


UCU course focuses on bird tourism

Crested Crane, one of more than 1,000 bird species in Uganda By Dalton Mujuni In 1907, British explorer Winston Churchill visited Uganda. His visit gave birth to his book, My African Journey, a year later. In the book, Churchill detailed the beauty of nature that he had met in Uganda. And that was not all. […]


She is a Minns Before She is a Downs – Downs Syndrome & Imago Dei

Editor’s Note: While Bishop Martyn Minns is serving as Interim Bishop in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh, he is writing letters to the Diocesan clergy as a means of introducing himself and his family to the diocese. This letter was written on January 14, 2021, in observance of Sanctity of Life Sunday. Anglicans for Life […]


Excitement as students return for face-to-face classes

UCU returning students check in By Dalton Mujuni and Ivan Tsebeni With excitement, students returned to Uganda Christian University (UCU) after a year-long absence. For finalists, the face-to-face reporting for classes was February 8; for the rest, it was March 1, 2021.  Their return to school follows the lifting of the ban the Ugandan government […]


Home again, home again

I am filled with joy to report I am back in Honduras!  I have had several reunions, eaten way too much Honduran food, and discovered to my relief that my Spanish is about what it was when I left.  Attending church at the Children’s Home for the first time was wonderful.  It had been a […]


UCU alumni athletes shining on national and international scene

By Lule Eriah and Jimmy Siyasa While Covid-19 has severed sports in Uganda, including at Uganda Christian University (UCU), it’s important to recognize the role athletics play in shaping a well-rounded individual and, for some, propelling a career. The sports at UCU include football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, netball, handball, wood ball, and tennis. This pictorial […]


Back Home Worshipping with Honduran Children

I am filled with joy to report I am back in Honduras!  I have had several reunions, eaten way too much Honduran food, and discovered to my relief that my Spanish is about what it was when I left.  The best thing that has happened so far is attending church at the Children’s Home.  It […]


COVID-19 Induced Famine

In Genesis 41, we read the story of Joseph being called to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. In them, God reveals that for seven years there will be an abundance of crops in Egypt, which will be followed by seven years of famine. Joseph helps the Pharaoh realize that he needs to do some long-term planning, so […]


UCU sports department struggles during pandemic

UCU men’s football team receive trophy for University Football league in 2019. Courtesy photo By Lule Eriah The strange silence at the Uganda Christian University’s sports department speaks volumes about how hard COVID-19 has hit sports activities in the academic institution. Usually, around this time of the year, activities such as the university football league […]


Walking Across the Street — Then and Now

The Greenhouse movement named Walk Across the Street came from an actual crossing of a street. Many of you have heard the story of how Pastor Michael Wright and I met. I literally walked from Cornerstone Oak Park Church to True Freedom’s service in the school across the street, and a friendship—and a movement—began. Soon […]

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