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News From Partners:

Growth of unaffiliated churches raises questions about pastor authenticity

2014 representation of religious demoninations in Uganda According to the 2014 census, roughly 84 percent of Ugandans are Christian, primarily Roman Catholics and Protestants (Anglicans, Lutherans, etc.). While exact figures are unknown, the number of born-again Christian churches – those without a specific denomination guiding Biblical interpretations and other church functions – is growing. This […]


Of Creeds and Christians from a Muslim Background, Part 1 of 2

What do Muslim believe? That there is no deity but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet. That is the shahada of Islam. The Arabic root sh-h-d is also found in the word shaahid or witness and shahiid or martyr. Your Christian from a Muslim Background (CMB) knew the shahada and had probably born witness […]


The Facts About Abortion

Every day we are inundated with news concerning the unborn (and even partially born). Are they human? Do they have a right to life? As these questions surface again and again, activists from both sides of the argument come out in full force. Many notable politicians and public officials have come forth with their own […]