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News From Partners:

Anglicans in Action – Birth Mothers

This week’s action idea is related to adoption – most of the time when we think about adoption, we focus on the families who adopt a child, or we celebrate the baby who has been united with a new family. Sometimes we celebrate birth parents who choose life for their children, rather than abortion. We […]


5 Things Young Adults Should Know about Serving as a Missionary

We talked with SAMS Missionary April Sylvester currently serving in Zambia to learn what Young Adults should know about serving as a missionary overseas. Here are five things she wants you to know: 1. Some days will be super busy and exciting! Check out this video of what mission is like in Zambia where I mentor […]


UCU one-person call center opportunity to ‘witness for Christ’

By Patty Huston-Holm Nestled among a sloping-down building bustling with students seeking financial information, an attached, sloping up classroom and, to the right, the large, open-air worship center is the Uganda Christian University (UCU) call center. Arthur: “Uganda Christian University. Good morning. How may I help you?” Female caller: “I would like to inquire…” She […]