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News From Partners:

‘Nursing is a calling from God’

Annet Kabanyoro, UCU graduate working on her PhD in South Africa Annet Kabanyoro is a doctoral student in healthcare at the University of South Africa. The dean of the School of Nursing at Kampala International University, she has rose through the ranks from enrolling in a certificate in nursing and kept on advancing, including with […]


What I Want Teenage Girls To Know After The Superbowl Halftime Show

If you’re anything like me, watching the Superbowl and halftime show is a “social” gathering. I’m not super into football, although since I’ve gotten married, I do really enjoy watching it because my husband loves watching the game – no matter what teams are on the field, whether it is college or the NFL, he […]


‘I knew I needed to get up, and I eventually did – but not alone.’

Karagwa, Daniella Khanani and Abraham Mumbere representing UCU at the 5th Annual National Moot Court Competition – Health and Human Rights (CEHURD) where they emerged victors. By Alex Taremwa This is not another story of someone with a troubled childhood. It is a tale of a girl’s relentless, nasty, inch-by-inch fight not just for her place […]