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News From Partners:

Gafcon 2018 in Jerusalem: Thoughts from AFM’s Executive Director

by Christopher Royer I was privileged to attend Gafcon (June 17-23) in Jerusalem with almost 2,000 Anglican Christians from fifty countries. Gafcon, which stands for Global Anglican Future Conference, is a quinquennial meeting of theologically-orthodox and biblically-faithful Anglicans. The first Gafcon occurred in Jerusalem (2008) and the second in Kenya (2013). Outstanding teaching, daily intercessory prayer in small […]


The Pastoral Challenge for ex-Muslim Christians

by Duane Miller I recently attended a consultation in East Africa. Our goal was to formulate a strategy for evangelizing the unreached of East Africa and the Horn Africa, almost all Muslims. This talk was my own contribution to the consultation and was well received. It is an expansion of an earlier talk I gave in […]


Cross-Cultural Ministry – Mistakes and All

A few years ago, Bo and I watched the show The West Wing. I liked the character, C.J. Craig (Alison Janney) who played the White House Press Secretary and then the Chief of Staff.  C.J. was successful and powerful. She commanded the room in sleek Armani suits and an entourage of Secret Service. As the […]