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Anglican Global Mission Partners Unites the needs in the mission field with people
in the pews who are called to serve.

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News From Partners:

Former UCU guild president and Partners-sponsored student is newly elected alumni leader

Wabwire sensitizing the youth about their rights in the Kampala suburbs in a campaign designed by Faraja Africa. Photo/Faraja Media Team. By Lule Eriah It is not the first time that Wabwire Emmanuel’s name is being etched on the annals of Uganda Christian University (UCU). From 2012-2013, Wabwire was the university’s guild president as he […]


Anglican Church of Cambodia helps people suffering in lockdown

Newsletter, April 22, 2021 It’s the evening of the 8th day of lockdown in Phnom Penh.This dear country has fought hard against Covid, and until February 20, it was winning, with no reported deaths due to Covid and less than 500 recorded cases. However, that streak was broken after a group bribed their way out […]


UCU alumnus applies law degree skills as police officer

ASP Beyanga Cornelius poses in his police official uniform at one of the events at Naguru Police Headquarters. Photo by Police Media Team By Lule Eriah When Cornelius Beyanga was completing his Bachelor of Laws course at Uganda Christian University (UCU), he attended a talk during the institution’s Career Week. The presentation facilitator, then Uganda’s […]


Ntege dances off stage, ending her ‘tour of duty’ as UCU librarian

Retiring Librarian Monica Nabagala Ntenge and guests enjoy a meal outside the UCU Learning Commons Room at Ntege’s farewell party. Story and Photos By Jimmy Siyasa “Time limits are good things. No matter how good a dancer you are, you must leave the stage.” This quote, attributed to former Congolese politician Patrice Lumumba, came to […]


Two UCU soccer players help team secure 5th trophy

Fred Atuhwera, UCU student and star soccer player with the Gomba Lions   By Ivor Sempa and Joseph Lagen   Two final-year students of Uganda Christian University (UCU) were among the players who helped their team win a soccer tournament at the finals played at the picturesque St. Mary’s Stadium, Kitende, off Entebbe Road. For their […]


New journalism curriculum reinforces ‘industry ready’ learning

UCU journalism students have a discussion at the University Guild Park. By Ivan Tsebeni Uganda Christian University’s (UCU) Faculty of Journalism, Communication and Media Studies has adopted a new curriculum that aims at bridging the gap between training institutions and the practical world. The curriculum implementation has started with the first-year students who joined the […]


Writing, evangelism keep Senyonyi company in retirement

Former UCU Vice Chancellor Dr. John Senyonyi speaks during a Zoom session held at the time of his university retirement in mid-2020. By Esther Byoona When he was retiring from university service last year, former Uganda Christian University (UCU) Vice Chancellor Dr. John Musisi Senyonyi said he would carry two main passions into retirement. The […]


Famine and 1,189 Baptisms in Madagascar

Matthew 25:35 I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was a stranger and you received me in your homes, naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me, in prison and you visited me. I am very grateful to be in America […]


Work on UCU’s Bishop Tucker Road stalls

Part of the Bishop Tucker Road that is tarmacked Story and Photos by Israel Kisakye and Joseph Lagen It is commonplace for vendors on the Bishop Tucker Road to wipe thick dust off their merchandise.  Some traders operating electronics shops have been forced to buy electric blowers to remove dusty grime from their displayed equipment. […]


UCU students wash cars to raise money for sanitary pads

Bachelor of Human Rights, Peace and Humanitarian Intervention students pose while washing cars to raise money for teaching youth how to make re-usable sanitary pads. By Dalton Mujuni The day was March 12, 2021. The venue, Uganda Christian University (UCU) parking yard. The activity, car wash. The university was witnessing one of its first student-led […]


Host families come to the rescue of international students during Covid-19 lockdown

Eziuzo Chizoba Oluebubechukwu (far right) with Kampala family and friends who hosted her during the Covid-19 lockdown. Story and Photos By Grace Bisoke March 18, 2020, began like any other day for many people in Uganda. President Yoweri Museveni was set to address the nation that Wednesday evening. The issue of coronavirus disease was to […]


From mockery, ‘I get the inspiration to climb high’

Yasiri J. Kasango (Yasiri J. Kasango is a man with capabilities overcoming disabilities. He has thick skin. The life of the 25-year-old with height and sight impairments has been laced with mockery. But through the ridicule, he has found strength. Below, the Uganda Christian University third-year student in the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and […]


Francis Okumu: UCU graduate who never saw the campus

Francis Okumu (second right) and fiancée pose with friends. Story and Photos by Jimmy Siyasa Francis Okumu could be a modern-day Mordecai, a biblical exile who saw God’s hand draw him from a pit of peril and hopelessness.  For Okumu, age 36, his challenge and lack of hope were two-fold:  visual impairment and lack of […]


Here Am I, Send Me

Happy Easter! View fullsize One of my favorite parts about the Church Calendar is that we are not limited to one day of celebration. We didn’t celebrate Christmas for one day, we got twelve! And now we get fifty whole days to celebrate our Lord rising from the dead in this season of Easter! This […]


Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology wins grants worth over $57,000

By Dalton Mujuni When people have faith, God makes a way where there seems to be no way. That is what He has done for the Bishop Tucker School of Theology and Divinity at Uganda Christian University (UCU) during the ever-present Covid-19 period. The Dean of Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology, Rev. Prof. […]


‘Mummy, I have told you, I want to pray alone.’

House of Rest existed as a church for over a decade on the top floor of the famous Fido Dido building on Kampala Road. Photo by Jimmy Siyasa By Jimmy Siyasa and Joseph Lagen On July 2, 2021, and during Uganda Christian University’s (UCU) 22nd graduation, Lorita Blessy Asiimwe will receive a Faculty of Business […]


Promise kept

Feliz Dia de la Resurrección!   Happy Day of the Resurrection! This is the day every Christian hopes for, waits for, expects to happen.  It is what gets us through Holy Week, especially Good Friday.  All through the Bible, a promise is made: Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, […]


‘This was not the Jesus I knew’

Site of evangelism experience in day light When Penelope Nankunda joined UCU in 2017, she attended an overnight prayer service at a hill about a kilometer (0.6 mile) away from the Mukono Campus. Penelope, ending her three-year program in 2021, shares this account to warn first-year students about religious activities outside UCU. By Penelope Nankunda […]


‘This Ph.D. is not mine…This was purely God’s grace.’

Dr. Isaac Wasswa Katono, left, and son, Jim Katono, at one of their projects. By Jimmy Siyasa  With a new doctorate degree under his belt, Dr. Isaac Wasswa Katono is eager to live his wish of being among the most cited scholars from Uganda Christian University (UCU). In December 2020, the former dean of the […]

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