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Anglican Global Mission Partners Unites the needs in the mission field with people
in the pews who are called to serve.

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News From Partners:

‘We only treat… it’s God who heals’

Victoria Nantambi By Irene Best Nyapendi The first time Victoria Nantambi had a ward round, she was with a team of three other nurses. Together, they were entrusted with the task of treating an elderly woman who was suffering from a lung infection. The woman also had an open ulcer. Although this was Nantambi’s first […]


The Dream and the Miracle: Buvuma Island 

Rev. Brian preaching The Archbishop of Uganda Forges a Partnership That Brings Hope to a Remote Island. Blog post by Bonnie Wellensiek and photos by Ty Van Rensburg. On a Saturday morning in August 2023, Reverend Brian from the Anglican Church of Uganda stood in a remote forest clearing near his church on an island […]


Amoit: From daddy’s to the world’s engineer

Faith Amoit Codrine is passionate about structural dynamics By Kefa Senoga Long ago, when a television set malfunctioned at the home of Okolong Charles, his daughter, Faith Codrine Amoit, embarked on a mission to repair it. Although she did not get it to perform its function again, Okolong was convinced his daughter would perform well […]


UCU student balances job opportunity and studies

Derrick Matovu serving fuel at Stabex station in Seeta By Irene Best Nyapendi It began with a simple stroll around the bazaar grounds at Uganda Christian University (UCU). Derrick Matovu, a School of Business student, was there to see the latest trends within the exhibitors. That casual trip to the bazaar last year provided Matovu […]


Idaho Church Engages Young Anglicans

By: Sydney Alleyne Recently, Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans For Life (AFL), had the privilege of speaking with Bishop Ben Fischer from Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church in Nampa, Idaho. This church is a shining example of a church that shares AFL’s mission to uphold the Sanctity of Life. Bishop Ben’s dedication to nurturing the […]


Fulfilling the Great Commission Together

This blog post was originally published in the Spring 2024 edition of The ACNA’s The Apostle magazine and is reposted with permission. “If Anglicans don’t support Anglican missions, who will?” — Jenny Noyes Archbishop Foley Beach’s 2024 World Mission Sunday letter stated, “We in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) are the indirect beneficiaries […]


UCU researchers seek to multiply bamboo production for more benefits

UCU Alum Winnie Namutosi in laboratory By Pauline Luba Micropropagation refers to the growing of plants in closed vessels that contain culture media with nutrients and growth regulators. Since the plants are grown in glass, they are described as in vitro, as opposed to in vivo plants that are grown in soil.   Knowing the multiple benefits […]


SAMS Missionary Richard Ranger to be Honored by Dartmouth

The honorary degree recipients at Dartmouth’s June 9 Commencement will be, clockwise from top left, Roger Federer, the Commencement speaker; Mira Murati, Thayer ’12; Paul Nakasone; Richard Ranger ’74; Roy Vagelos; Mung Chiang; Joy Buolamwini; Liz Cheney; and, center, John Urschel.          Read more


American at UCU to receive honorary doctorate from Dartmouth

The honorary degree recipients at Dartmouth’s June 9 Commencement will be, clockwise from top left: Roger Federer, the Commencement speaker; Mira Murati, Thayer ’12; Paul Nakasone; Richard Ranger ’74; Roy Vagelos; Mung Chiang; Joy Buolamwini; Liz Cheney; and, center, John Urschel. Dartmouth College, of Hanover, New Hampshire, USA, has announced that it will award Richard […]


Third Culture Kids Care Program for SAMS Families

Raising children in the mission field can present some challenges to missionary parents and their children. Many missionaries are not always fully aware that other missionaries and SAMS as a sending Society desires to walk alongside families with pastoral sensitivity, a listening ear, and loving support. SAMS Missionaries, Kim Miller and her husband Mike, encountered […]


Young creatives demonstrate projects at career exhibition

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) Honors College recently collaborated with Usanii Village-Africa, a non-governmental organization, the UCU Directorate of Student Affairs, and the university’s 26th Guild Government to conduct a career exhibition. Themed “Navigating Horizons; a Journey Through Diverse Careers,” the exhibition, held at the UCU main campus in Mukono, was intended to showcase ideas […]


No more stains for girls in northeastern Uganda

Martha Nanjuki Najuka, a fourth-year student of Bachelor of Laws, guides pupils on how to make reusable pads. By Irene Best Nyapendi At Kalotom Primary School in northeastern Uganda, Patricia (full identity withheld) started her menstrual cycle with no knowledge what the blood discharge was about and that it had stained her skirt. The girl, […]


Bearing Good Fruit: The Story of Carla’s Journey

by Heidi Smith, SAMS Missionary to Chile Twenty-nine years ago, I met a young woman named Carla at the beginning of the new school term. Carla happened to be our son Joshua’s new kindergarten teacher. We were living in Villa Alemana, Chile, where my husband Russ was serving as pastor of San Esteban, the Anglican […]


Ugandan students share thoughts on celebrating Easter

The Easter season marks the end of Lent, the fasting period for Christians. People celebrate Easter differently. Partners Intern Pauline Luba asked four students from three universities how they usually celebrate the Easter season and what the season means to them. Ananda Tayebwa, 21, final year Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication at Uganda Christian […]


A Day in the Life of an Urban Missionary

Thursdays are my busiest and best days! As I drifted off to sleep this past Thursday night, I thanked God for the life He has given me. To be honest, when John and I answered the call to move to Baltimore, I had no idea this is what it would be like, but I wouldn’t […]


New Wineskins Conference Testimony from the Chases

I (Michelle) grew up in the Anglican church. My childhood church was All Saints Church in Woodbridge, VA. My dad retired from the Navy and went to Trinity Seminary while I was in middle/high school and planted a church from All Saints after being ordained. Fast forward – John and I met, married, and blended […]


UCU emerges best exhibitor at Uganda universities fair for sixth consecutive year

The UCU team celebrates the recognition as Best Exhibitor for the sixth year in a row By Irene Best Nyapendi For the sixth year in a row, Uganda Christian University (UCU) has emerged as the overall “Best Exhibitor” among both public and private universities in Uganda. This year’s fair, which is the first to be […]


War-Time Update from CMJ

iStock, Credit: 200mm As the Israel-Hamas War wages on, CMJ Israel continues to find ways to do life and ministry amidst the strife, turmoil, and lack. Tourism has reduced to a crawl, leaving the ministries under the CMJ umbrella that rely on tourists – like Shoresh Study Tours, the Heritage Centre Museum, and the three […]


Alleluia, etc.: Imagination this Easter Sunday

by the Rev. Tad de Bordenave It’s Easter. Again. How do I know? Because this Sunday, each and every church sign will say so. Yeah, you know. Same words once again, stating the obvious. And that’s swell if we want to remind those who already know. I started noticing these church signs years ago and asking […]


Eceru transforms sorrow into joy among rural women in Uganda

Micheal Eceru handing over a heifer to one of the women beneficiaries By Kefa Senoga The stories are many.  But here’s one: A Ugandan woman lost her husband a couple of years ago. The man was the family’s sole breadwinner. With the head of the family gone, the children turned to their mother  to provide […]

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