LEAD Report: December 2017 to July 2018

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Since our last report, Louise and I have
trained in the following areas.
December 1-3, 2017: George – 20
February 13-18, 2018: St Mark the
Evangelist – 27 participants, including the 7 leaders trained in September
19-20 2017 who assisted in this training
February 22-25, 2018: Johannesburg – we
trained 23 previously Strategy trained participants in the second of the four
modules called Foundations
March 9-11, 2018: Cape Town Youth Leaders –
26 participants
March 16-18, 2018: Klerksdorp (cancelled
just prior to planned training)
March 20-May 4, 2018: deputation in USA
May 16-20, 2018: Natal – Strategy 14
Rooted in Jesus
June 12-14, 2018: Namibia – 4/5
participants (one participant had to leave after one day’s training)
By invitation of, and fully funded by,
Bishop Mouneer Anis, Egypt, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa:
June 25-29, 2918: Gambela, Ethiopia – 26
July 3-6, 2018: Cairo, Egypt – 12
Louise has created a contact email database
on the My Anglican website to help us keep in touch with those we have trained.
A lot of follow-up work is done in between trainings in which participants
receive various resources to help them implement the training, namely videos,
Bible Studies, different disciple-making manuals, various articles on disciple
making, and so on. If we find something that may be helpful, we pass it on,
like the recent Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Initiative. We also coach and encourage
participants from time to time asking for feedback and questions and stories.
When we do receive emails in return, we answer them promptly according to what
is addressed.
We have also been trying to settle into our
new home and community and have been actively engaged in our own local parish,
St Augustine’s in Villiersdorp.
Disciple making requires a huge paradigm
shift for many of our trainees that involves modelling, life transformation,
multiplication (making disciples who can make disciples), community or
people-centred focused ministry rather than church-based programs, changing
priorities, and every member ministry. The training is based on what we believe
is Jesus’ model for disciple making using the Gospels as a basic platform. It
includes a 60-Day Study on the Life and Ministry of Jesus that encourages the
trainee to read through all four Gospels.
Investing in the lives of a few, with a
view to creating active disciple makers, takes time and a lot of personal effort.
It took Jesus three to four years. In an age of instant everything and quick
fixes, this initially appears to be a problem. Quality is often overlooked when
the focus is on quantity.
Some of the responses to our coaching
questions have revealed that many participants are extremely busy. One
participant told us that he did not have time for regular prayer and Bible
reading, much less personal retreat time, as he served on various committees
and guilds, was responsible for several churches, and was engaged in further
theological studies by extension, among other things. We counselled him to
prayerfully consider his priorities.
We have been encouraged by some forward
movements, such as the case with St Mark’s second training where previously
trained participants trained others with our assistance. Johannesburg was also
the first to host the second module Foundations. Participants in Natal were so
thrilled with the Strategy material that they are in the process of translating
it into Zulu. Namibia has asked us to come back to train again, using the 4
trained participants, but in the more rural areas in the north and, perhaps,
southern Angola.
We have noticed that when the Bishop of the
Diocese is involved in the training the participants tend to be more motivated
to implement the training. We saw this yet again in Cairo with Bishop Mouneer.
Participants in Gambela implemented what we were training even during the
training! Participants seem to be more motivated when their leaders show
personal interest.
A lack of funds needed to pay for the
training manuals, our travel, and our board and lodging costs seem to be a
problem for some Dioceses.
Since our deputation trip to the US, we
have managed to raise enough funds for a 4X4 vehicle and for fuel for the trips.
(Many thanks to our US ministry partners!) When possible, we camp in
inexpensive parks or camping grounds close to the training, or stay with
friends, family, or parishioners to try to cut down on living expenses. We are
also working on the manuals to see how we can cut down on printing costs as
well. Louise and I will be part of a two-day revision of both Strategy and
Foundations with the J-Life leaders early August.
We still have 13 Dioceses left in which to
train participants in Strategy. Those already trained are being encouraged to
a) implement the material personally, b) begin planning a second training in
which they train other trainers in their Diocese with our help, and c) begin
planning to be trained in the second module, Foundations. It is important to be
trained in all four modules if one is aiming at a permanent shift in the manner
in which disciple making ministry is done.
We also hope to be offering training in
Rooted in Jesus in the near future, as it is a very useful resource in the
process of making disciples.

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