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Developing Holy Habits – Invest (Part 5)

This is part 5 of a series on basic habits every disciple must be taught to live and practice, based on the Acronym PROMISE. Last week, we looked at the ‘M’ which stands for Meet with one another. Today, we will consider the ‘I’ which stands for Invest or giving to the work of the […]


Bishop Todd in Connecticut – Sunday May 21, 2017

Trinity Episcopal Church in Newtown, Connecticut reported that they were blessed to have  Bishop Todd McGregor who serves the Diocese of Toliara in Madagascar visiting with them.  The children of Trinity focused in the region during their Lenten church school studies, raised funds, and presented Bishop Todd with a check.  He delivered a wonderfully energetic […]


It’s a Small World

It’s really good to be here in Asheville with passionate leaders from around the world.  The last time we sat around a table together was in Indonesia last August as the (6 out of 7 new) VP’s gathered today after the Congress of Nations. Thai Food Together The week has been intense, but very good. […]